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Pricing Sheet
June 2018
Lots of Sheaves
These prices will give you an idea of the price for your sheaves.
Actual cost may vary according to different sheave configurations.
Acetal (Delrin®) Sheaves
  Price Per Sheave for these Quantities
diameter x width-
pin diameter as required
1 2 3 4
up to 2”  x 1/2” $44 $42 $40 $38
up to 3” x  5/8”  $54 $52 $50 $48
up to 4” x 3/4”  $70 $68 $66 $64
up to 5” x  3/4” $86 $82 $78 $76
up to  6” x  3/4”  $100 $98 $96 $94
up to  7” x  3/4”  $118 $114 $110 $106
up to  8” x  3/4”  $138 $136 $134 $132
up to  9” x  3/4”  $156 $154 $152 $150

Sheaves diameters available to 12", email or call for pricing

Ask about larger quantity discounts.

**Any diameter, width or pin size is available as all sheaves are made to order.
We keep no sheaves in stock.
There will be a small charge associated with metric bores, metric widths, and widths other than in 1/8" increments as I must take extra time to bore and/or trim the bushings before pressing them home.

Credit Card payment link on invoice preferred. Paypal ok.
Prices include oil impregnated sintered bronze bushings installed.
Sheaves available any diameter up to 12”, any width, pin size, or in wholesale quantities. Email or call for pricing.
Shipping and handling charges apply.
Prices are in US dollars and subject to change.
Prices quoted will be honored for 90 days from quote date.
Trademark Disclaimer:
Delrin® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

Call or email before sending any packages or correspondence to Zephyrwerks

Ed Louchard
tel: 360 385-2720    email: edlouchard@gmail.com

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